Standard Pocket

This hammock is a favorite with most all rats, ferrets, mice, hamsters and other small critters. They can either sleep on it like a true hammock, or they can tunnel into the pockets for extra snuggly goodness.

Notched Pocket

Sometimes the pocket part of pocket hammocks can be a little hard to find for oblivious fuzzies, so putting in a notch or two solves the problem! Along with that, this hammock type is fantastic for animals that like to be covered but also peek out of the hammock they're in. Pocket loungers, look-out pockets, and also pouch pockets can have a notch or two added as well :) Standard notched pockets have 2 notches, one on either side.

Look-Out Pocket

This design allows for critters to be cozy inside a pocket, but with the added bonus of having a bit of a look-out, or peekaboo, window. Plus, with another couple entrances/exits, this pocket type may be less prone to being chewed! Can also be hung as a wall pocket, so ultra versatile!

Pouch Pocket

This pocket type has always been a big hit with my personal rats, and is a favorite among ferrets and mice as well! Super cozy with the larger-sized pocket portion, and easier to peek out of :) Can also be hung as a wall pocket, so ultra versatile!

Pocket Lounger

Similar to regular pocket hammocks, loungers are an upgraded version of standards. With another layer of material (ie. cotton/flannel and fleece lining) covering the middle, critters can either snuggle down inside for extra warmth, or sleep on top of all the layers for lots of coziness.

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